Warranty Policy



Phonemax provides good quality products to our customers. We focus on every process of manufacture and strict test standards to make sure the products shipped to our customers are in the best condition.

Phonemax phones are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase/delivery/receipt. Within the limits authorised by the laws specific to each country, if the product is resold, repaired or replaced, it will not give rise to an extension of the warranty period.


If your device fails under normal conditions of use and maintenance, you are advised to contact your dealer or the authorised service center via our site (www.phonemax.com). 



Warranty covers:

The defects in materials (of parts) ,design or manufacturing flaws, and verified non-human functional failure.



  1. Please provide original purchase invoice or valid voucherwhen you send the phone back.
  2. Remember to save the data contained in your device so that it is not lost whileyour phone is being repaired or replaced. Phonemaxshall not be held liable for damage to or loss of contents following the repair or replacement of your device.
    3. Phonemax will finish repairing within 15 working days after receive your device and then send the device back to you.
  3. Shipping fees:

Buyers pay the shipping fees for sending the item back, while Phonemax pay for the shipping fees for sending the repaired item back to the buyer.



Warranty does not cover:


  1. Normal wear and tear (including in particular that pertaining to camera lenses, batteries and screens) that requires periodic repairs and replacements.
    2. Defects caused by mishandling or product abuse (incorrect operation, dropping, shocks, etc.).
    3. Defects and damage caused by improper use of the phone, in particular use that is contrary to the operating and maintenance instructions provided by Phonemax (included in your phone’s user guide).
    4. Modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorised persons.

    5. Short circuited batteries, damaged cells or signs of forced entry.
    6. Defects related to the fact that the product has been used by or connected to equipment or software not approved by Phonemax. Some defects may be caused by viruses resulting from unauthorised access by you or a third party to services, computer systems, other accounts or networks. Such unauthorised access may occur as a result o hacking, misappropriation of passwords or various other means.
    7. Any use of the product other than that for which it was designed.
    8. Use of or connection to a non-compliant or damaged accessory.
    9. Exposure of product to moisture, extreme temperature variations, corrosion, oxidation, contact with or close proximity to food, liquids, chemical products and, in general, any substance capable of impairing the product.
    10. Broken mobile phone or damaged cover, visible signs of shock.
    11. Accidents or natural disasters or any other cause beyond the control of Phonemax, such as (but not limited to) water, lightning, fire, power surge, etc.
    12. Software updating due to changes in network settings.
    13. Damage to the battery due to excessive charging and / or failure to follow the use and safety recommendations and instructions as stated in the product manual.
    14. Product failure due to improper installation or use of the product (use other than the use for which the product is intended or inconsistent with the technical or safety standards in force in the country where it is used, etc.).
    15. Product maintenance that does not comply with Phonemax’s instructions or negligence in maintaining the product.
    16. Product opened, altered or repaired by anyone not belonging to a Phonemax-approved centre with spare parts not approved by Phonemax.
    17. Altering, changing, damaging or rendering illegible the IMEI number, serial number or product EAN.

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